Jan 2021, 

Well it's a new year. There are three COVID vaccines now available and by the end of Spring we may be able to get back to some semblance of normal. 

The new year brings us many new and exciting SiliconDust HDHomeRun options for Over the Air TV ! .


  • Roku is close to having full access to DVR functions. Many new changes and enhancements have been delivered for the Roku TV Menu Interface.

  • LG has partnered to make a native App for HD HomeRun eliminating the need for a separate smart device like a Fire TV or Roku. It is available on many of the models manufactured over the past few years and is available for all the new model smart TVs.

  • Apple TV, and app for HD HomeRun has finally been introduced and appears to work very smoothly. 

  • Amazon is reworking the Fire TV menu to make it function smoother and less cluttered. 

  • And finally SiliconDust has released their new Four Tuner ATSC3 capable HD HomeRun. This will allow you to begin watching more engaging and vivid OTA (Over the Air) HD broadcasts.  Detroit is just now setting up their simultaneous ATSC3 broadcasts. The regular ATSC1 broadcasts (those you watch today) will be remain simultaneously broadcast for the next five years.  So, any new TV tuner devices or TVs with a built in tuner, that you purchase in late 2021 or after must have an ATSC3 Tuner.  

Friday March 13, 2020

Hello DAServices customers,


I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday the 13th!

I just want you all to know that SiliconDust has released a firmware update for all HDHomeRun Devices - Connect and Scribe. Version 20200225

Open your network connected computer or tablet, open the browser of your choice [mine is Chrome :-) ] ... and enter the following: http://my.hdhomerun.com/

You will see a screen showing your HDHomeRun devices.
If the version shown is not "Version 20200225" then click on the version listed. A system screen will pop up and at the bottom you will be prompted to update and reboot.

When you perform the update the device will reboot.

If you are unsure about performing this task, please let us know. For a small fee, I can connect to any Windows10 PC with "Quick Assist" and perform the upgrade. I will also check the system logs and diagnostics, to ensure proper operation.

There is probably a way to do this "REMOTE ASSIST" on an Apple Computer or IPad, but I do not know what that is sorry.

Wednedsay April 15th, 2020



Well it should be April 15th, TAX Day, in any normal year. But not this year with the COVID-19 lock down still in place.  We are getting antsy and ready to get going on installing all of the electronics for you. But until the "Stay At Home" distancing orders are lifted we'll need to continue to hope that you will still require our services when this is all over. 

So far 2020 has turned out to be a very different year from any other in memory.  We hope that everyone is healthy and staying safe. 

God bless and hope that this pandemic comes to a resolution with as little impact and loss of life as possible.