COVID-19 Notice ****

As a Home Advisor Pro & a BBB Certified small business, we perform our work in and outside of our customers homes with pride for the excellent customer services we provide.

Due to COVID-19 Social distancing and our concern for your family's and our family's well being, we have made the decision to mask ourselves and sanitize our tools before scheduled installations in your home, until this crisis is abated. We hope that you understand why we must take this actions.  And ask that you wear a mask as well if you are medically able.

God bless and stay safe.

Jeff Dazell, Owner, DAServices LLC

We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. Since we started in 2011 our motto is simple, Professionalism and Excellence in all that we do. Satisfied customers are customers for life. We are experts in our trade and will do our best to keep you as educated as we can on your particular task or project. We look forward to earning your business!

Tired of spending thousands of dollars a year to watch a handful of Cable or Premium Channels?  Let's stop the drain on your cash and change to Internet Streaming instead. We'll add smart devices on every TV and you can watch all your favorites on the TVs or Tablets, or Cell Phones.

Tired of your tablet or laptop not getting a signal on the patio or in the basement?  We can optimize your Wi-Fi signal, analyze your home Wi-Fi coverage, and recommend how to best resolve any problem areas.

We have been configuring home and business networks, from a handful of devices to hundreds, for many years. We can make sure every connected device gets the signal it needs to work smoothly. 

Want to keep an eye on whats happening around your home?   We can install Ring cameras, Ring Floodlight cameras, and Ring Doorbell cameras, or even setup a complete Video Surveilance system.

Smart Lights

Let's reuse that old DISH satellite mount and replace that dish with an OTA (Over the Air) Antenna. With the correct antenna for your home, We can get you all the local channels.  Or we can recommend an antenna that will receive more distant channels from 60+ miles away.

Want to record your favorite series from the broadcast Networks ABC, NBC, CBS, & Fox?  We can add a simple networked DVR which will record hundreds of hours of TV shows from your new antenna so you can watch when you are ready.

Tired of trying to figure out where the TV remote or the DVR/BluRay remote or cable device remote is located?  Not sure which one you need to increase the volume?  We can install ONE simple remote that will do the job of up to three different remotes. 

Want to pull in your driveway and from your cell phone turn on the lights in a specific room(s) or even the entire house? Or, be able to turn on a device with a voice command?  Do you want to see how to really use your Echo/Amazon devices?  We can install and configure what you want to automate. 

You won't go wrong if you choose DAServices LLC. Jeff Dazell is an experienced, talented and ingenious technology person. Always gets the job done and can troubleshoot most any problem he confronts. Besides that he cares about customer satisfaction and is responsible.

Bill Cook, (zip code: 43558) on 08/20/2019

I have had DAServices install, configure and maintain my hone network and WiFi for many years.  He is dedicated and always makes sure I am satisfied and understand how to use everything he has installed and configured. 

B. Contreras (zip code: 43613) on 07/16/2019

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